“Can Dance” Class Promises Fun Exercise While Dancing to Classics 

Thursdays at 6:15 PM starting July 7

By Susan Chase
Coco Loehr will offer “Can Dance” classes at the Hub starting on Thursday, July 7. Dance to the classics while getting cardio, breaking a sweat, and having fun, all while holding a can of food in each hand to help tone arms. Photo: Coco Loehr

Coco Loehr is offering weekly “Can Dance” classes this summer at the Andover Community Hub.  She invites anyone looking for some fun exercise to join her on Thursday evenings at 6:15 PM, beginning on July 7 and continuing through August.  She’s taught dance at the high school level and has experience with Zumba, Barre, and yoga classes.

As Coco says, “Grab your favorite cans of food and come hit the dance floor! Follow along with me as we dance to classic bangers. Keeping our tomato paste, beans, or corn in our hands will tone our arms while we get cardio going with Fonda-esque dance moves. Can’t follow along with the choreography? Who cares? Not me! The point of this class is to have fun, move your body to good music, and hopefully to break a sweat!”

The fee is $10 per class; no registration necessary. For more information, contact TheAndoverHub@nullgmail.com or Coco at CFLoehr@nullgmail.com.