Resident Urges Andoverites to Remove Flags and Posters Supporting Number 45

By Pecco Beaufays

While listening to the January 6th Committee’s investigations and testimonies from Trump’s attorney general, Trump’s White House lawyers, Trump’s election campaign chairman, and the prominent Republican election lawyer in the United States, we witness firsthand the persistent lies and deceitful behavior of our 45th president.  I began to feel sorry for fellow Andover residents who still believe and support the lies.

Fox News did not broadcast the first televised hearing (they started broadcasting subsequent hearings), so many local folks may still be in the dark about the truth about January 6th and former President Trump’s actions. They should take in what powerful Republicans, members of the former administration, and Ivanka Trump are admitting under oath! Why not believe the facts being brought to light from current testimonies that former President Trump knew that he had lost the election?

How do Andover donors feel after learning that their financial support of some fabricated Election Defense Fund which, as we learned during a televised January 6th Committee hearing, did not exist but served to enrich the 45th and his inner circle by one quarter of a billion United States dollars?  Mark Meadows, former White House Chief of Staff, got $1 million out of it! And funds went to the Trump Hotel Foundation, etc. The purchase of flags, banners, and other marketing material has also contributed to the private coffers of number 45.

The time is overdue to take down the flags and posters that show commitment to a person who I believe has been shown to be dishonest. Better to be informed by listening to, or reading, the testimonies of those involved that declare the lies of our 45th president! No need to prolong gullibility by displaying to Andover townsfolk and those who pass through our town that you, too, fell for him.