Webster Resident Announces Candidacy for District 26 Run

New Floterial District includes Andover

By David Nesbitt

My name is David Nesbitt, a nine-year resident of Webster. I am announcing my candidacy to the New Hampshire House of Representatives, representing Merrimack Floterial District 26.  

A floterial district is one that “floats” over other districts in order that each district has the correct proportion of representatives to the local population.  In this case, District 26 covers the towns of Andover, Boscawen, Canterbury, Hill, Loudon, Salisbury, and Webster.  

I wanted to introduce myself and explain why I am running.  Each month until the election I will contribute position statements on the issues we are dealing with today.

I am New Hampshire bred; both of my parents are from the Seacoast area. My father served for 20 years in the Air Force, and we moved constantly as he was transferred. We lived in the South, the upper Midwest, and in Germany and the UK. 

I attended two colleges: Plymouth State College, where I edited the school fine arts magazine and weekly newspaper, and I received my degree from Granite State College with a degree in History, Sigma Cum Laude.

I spent 20 years in the outdoor recreation industry, rising from a Nordic ski instructor to Assistant Director of the Loon Nordic Center, to Director of cross country and Trail Master at the Balsams Grand Resort Hotel. 

I started working in the bicycle industry in the early ’80s, becoming the service manager of a shop in Plymouth, before starting mountain bike programs at Waterville Valley and the Balsams. In these positions I regularly worked with the United States Forest Service and private landowners with land use issues.

In the early 2000s I began a new career in public education teaching History at Alvirne High School in Hudson. I taught freshmen through seniors at all ability levels and was recognized with yearbook dedications on two different occasions. I mentored new department members and student teachers, worked on multiple committees, and served as a Building Representative for the Hudson Federation of Teachers.

When I retired, I was ready to slow down and relax.  Both of my careers required massive investments in time and energy. I was ready to ride my bicycle, garden, and travel with my wife. The pandemic and recent actions in our state government changed all that.

I am deeply concerned with the threats to our public education system, the attacks on women’s rights, degradation of our environment due to climate change, and setbacks to civil and voting rights.  I sometimes despair at the lack of civil discourse in the public forum. 

I am deeply concerned with the world my former students and my own granddaughter will inherit in New Hampshire.  I feel compelled to contribute and am willing to devote my time and energy to ensure a safe and just place for all. 

In the next few months, I hope to have neighborly conversations with as many residents of District 26 as I can through open houses, or at your front door as I canvass.  I look forward to hearing your concerns and views.