Andover School Board Minutes – June 7, 2022

Condensed from approved minutes.
In Person Board Present: Aimee Menard, Dan Newton, Steve Chella, Kayla Chandler, Brandon Adams

Administration Present: Mark MacLean, Randy Wormald, Dennis Dobe, Beth Page, Dennis Audet

Public Present: Donna Crisp Duclos

Finance Report: The fund balance will have monies deducted for food service and the boiler, with a balance of approximately $175,000. MacLean spoke of the “Rainy Day” fund which was established years ago, but monies have not been added to. This may require a public hearing; this will be researched. 

Due to inflation and rising food cost, the cost of lunches needs to be reviewed; food prices are going up while reimbursements are going down. 

Overages reviewed, and these will be covered by the fund balance. Newton moved to approve the finance report, Adams seconded. All were in favor, the motion passed.

Public Comment: Duclos feels that the school year, considering everything, has gone very well, and that Mr. Dobe has done a good job.

Chairperson’s Report: Menard thanked the AE/MS team for a wonderful year. There will be no meeting in July; the next meeting will be in August. Menard proposed moving the School Board meetings to either Mondays or Wednesdays to accommodate schedules.

Principal’s Report

Dobe reports this has been a challenging year, but feels that teachers and students have stepped up and shined. There’s been all kinds of growth this year. 

The eighth grade recently went on their school trip and rose to the occasion. Upcoming events include Field Day, the eighth grade graduation, Share Day, and a number of class field trips.

STAR and NH SAS testing was completed over the past month. Growth was reflected in district assessments. With the implementation of a new math program over the past school year, growth in this domain is not as strong, but we expect progress over time with this consistent instruction.

The PTO will be meeting tomorrow night to develop the organization and plan for next year.
The school is working with the Town to review our part in Andover’s Emergency Services plan and make updates as needed.

MVSD will be hosting a four-day institute for Responsive Classroom, and AE/MS will be sending a team of staff to learn this model. Other PD will be provided through Demonstrated Success later on in June.

Page discussed the AE/MS ESY program (summer school) which will run the month of July. Details discussed.

Audet spoke of recent quotes for door locks, which is expected to be wrapped up next week. Dobe noted that funding has not yet been solidified for this project. Quotes range up to $41,000. Boiler options and estimates are also being acquired. One quote requires the construction of a detached building. Audet is prioritizing a list of summer projects. He also presented the new AE/MS sign, which was recently completed by a team of AE/MS staff.

New Business: Two new hires were presented for Music Teacher and Art Teacher. The critical shortage list for new hires has been updated for the state of New Hampshire. 

There is a law that allows the local school district to identify our own local critical shortage area. The board discussed the current open positions for AE/MS. Adams motioned to define elementary teacher as a local critical shortage area RSA 189; 39a, Chella seconded. All were in favor, the motion passed.

Superintendent’s Report: AE/MS graduation is next week; Wormald will be present. Administration is quite busy with end of year planning and hiring season. The team is already planning for next year as well. 

Assistant Superintendent’s Report: MacLean spoke of a seed grant available at this time, which might support creative ways for sustainable energy in the future. The seed grant is up to $150,000, which possibly could be used in tandem with the money that’s been reserved for the boiler, to support new methods of energy for AE/MS.

MV will be traveling to Boston to present MV’s mentor program. MacLean thanked the AE/MS team.