Resourceful Staff Uses Skills to Update AE/MS Entrance Sign

School's 3D software and machines put into use

By Kasey Schoch
Staff members Courtney Minnehan (art teacher) and Dennis Audet (property manager) proudly present the new AE/MS sign that they, along with Alex Bramley (technology teacher), recreated from the original sign. Photo: Kasey Schoch

You may have noticed something new at the corner of Main Street and School Street in Andover. The AE/MS sign has been updated, thanks to the skills and resources of three members of the AE/MS staff. 

The bright new sign is the handiwork of AE/MS art teacher Courtney Minnehan, technology teacher Alex Bramley, and property manager Dennis Audet.

Mr. Audet started the project by cutting out the wood to be the same shape and size as the original sign. He also skillfully cut out the wooden eagle. Rather than using his woodworking skills for the lettering, he came up with a new design to build the letters into the sign by using the school’s 3D printing machine. 

It was then that Alex Bramley used Mr. Audet’s vision for the lettering and designed and created the letters using the school’s 3D software and machines.

Knowing that they needed an artist to complete the project, Courtney Minnehan joined the team and painted the background and eagle.  Ms. Minnehan wanted to replicate the painting done on the original sign in order to honor the original iconic piece, while adding in her own style to give it a fresh new twist.

The next time you drive by, take a look at the bright new creation that this team has created for the community.