The Terms “Pro-Life” and “Pro-Limited Government” Contradict Each Other

By Bill Bardsley

In my opinion, Representative Andrus displays the same blindness toward the abortion discussion as do some of her like-minded Republican associates.  Early in her big ad, published in the August Beacon, she states that she is pro-life and pro-limited government.

Later on, she praises a definition of “Liberty”:  “The quality or state of being free.  The power to do as one pleases.  The power of choice.  Limited government.”  Still later she says, “….I believe in being free and the power to make my own choices…” 

Whether it is big government or small government that decrees abortion outlawed, one must ask where that freedom then goes for the 16-year-old who doesn’t want to have a baby?  Where does it go for the 30-year-old professional woman who doesn’t want a baby which will interfere with a promising career?  Where does it go for the 40-year-old mother with a house full of kids who thinks another one will be one too many?

I believe that any regulation blocking abortion represents an intrusion by government into women’s freedoms. I don’t know how Republicans, or anyone for that matter, are able to rationalize this conflict in their thinking.

Bill Bardsley