Candidate’s Goals are to Serve the Public; Bring Citizens Back Together

By Dr. Richard Lobban

Sometimes I am asked why I am running for the New Hampshire Senate District 7. Certainly not for the $100 annual salary! And not for the huge cost in time, taking me away from my other professional responsibilities and my family.  Those come with the turf of running a political campaign.

Dr. Richard Lobban, a candidate for New Hampshire Senator in the 2022 Primary, is shown standing with President Biden.

I am running because I fear for American democracy that was profoundly challenged in a previous four-year period and especially on January 6, 2020, and by absurd conspiracy theories believed by a minority. I am running because the cherished rights for women for their reproductive choice are being taken away.  I am running because I support the original intent of the Second Amendment to have a well-regulated militia to protect democracy from tyranny and authoritarianism. 

I am running for democracy because I fear that big-Pharma and the big-Energy corporations put profits far before people. These are a part of the worrisome threats of climate change for our unique planet, by blocking the voices of the majority in legislative theaters.  I am running for the New Hampshire Senate because I was trained in sciences (biological and social), and my five decades in public, private, and military education are challenged by anti-science, anti-factual, and closed-minded crackpot rebuttals.
I am running because of our national motto E Pluribus Unum that celebrates diversity and seeks to redress the problematic parts of American history by the rule of law, civil debate, and justice. I am running for office because I am deeply engaged in human rights, ethics, mutual respect, and transparency in elections in our polarized nation that serves no one. 

My ethics include a vision of equitable taxes, especially for large corporations that do not pay their fair share. As a contractor professor at the Naval War College and recent consultant with the New Hampshire National Guard, I support our Constitution fully. I support the police, especially when they have specific retraining for the social and domestic issues that were not an original part of the police mission.
I am running so working people can actually live on their wages and salaries and can find and afford housing and childcare for their families, and so small businesses are not weighed down in paperwork. I am running for public office because in my life in education I have only served the public and for the highest mission to bring our citizens back together in mutual respect, compromise, and mediation. Only enemies of America like the current polarization.  Please vote in the Primary Election on September 13, and in the General Election on November 8.

Dr. Richard Lobban,