AE/MS Class of ’23 Helps Spread Wood Chips on Playground

By Kasey Schoch
The AE/MS class of 2023 helped spread the wood chips required for playground safety so that all students would be able to use the playground for the first day of school. Pictured are Sahara Peterson, Chance Thibault, Lissa Teeter, Ben Simard, Maykla Martin, Addy Boucher, Connor Lawrence, Brennan Dunkle, Korbyn Jenne, Kasey Schoch, Victoria Koran, Addison Bickford, Talia Hardie, Wyatt Barton, Isaac Norris, Caden Bendixson, and Colin Murphy,  Great job, class of 2023! Caption: Kasey Schoch. Photo: Jennifer Bent