Candidate Statement – Alvin See – State Representative Merrimack District 26

By Alvin See
Alvin See

I am Alvin See and am running for State Representative in District 26. I am currently serving on the Loudon Zoning Board. When elected, I will be a conservative voice for the citizens of this district.

Inflation is one of the many concerning issues affecting citizens this year, with huge increases in the prices for both fuel for our cars and for heating our homes.  Food prices, along with almost all other consumer goods and services, have increased as well.

While the administration in Washington must address these particular issues to help bring about relief, there is plenty that legislators can do in Concord to alleviate some of the price pain.  When elected, citizens can count on me to help small businesses thrive post-pandemic and work to reduce impediments to bringing jobs back to our communities. 

I will also diligently work to improve the integrity of our elections, such as supporting ballot access control, recounts, and additional audits after each election, thus ensuring confidence in the final vote count.

Merrimack County District 26 is a floterial district that overlays District 5 serving Andover, Danbury, Hill, Salisbury, and Webster, along with District 1 serving Boscawen, and District 4 serving Canterbury and Loudon.