Candidate Statement – Ken Wells – State Representative Merrimack District 5

By Ken Wells
Ken Wells

I’m Ken Wells, and I’m seeking re-election as your State Representative. You might ask, “Why, in these crazy times, would any reasonable person step up to do this?” A fair question…

In one way or another, I’ve spent most of my adult life helping others. I reject the idea that the rules of life must be arranged so that for one person to gain, another must lose. I believe we can all win together, by supporting communities, fairness, education, and truth. 

Our state legislature plays a strong role in setting the rules we live by, and I’ve demonstrated the determination and persuasive skills to play a leading role in that legislative process.

I’m lucky to have a wonderfully wide experience: I’ve done factory and construction labor. I’ve driven advances in classrooms and laboratories. Both are hard work, in different ways. As a teacher, I’ve shared what I know about dozens of topics ranging from carpentry to calculus, and I’ve provided advice and support to kids and their families as they navigate some of the biggest challenges in their lives.

I served previously in the New Hampshire House from 2018 to 2020, being the prime sponsor and author of six pieces of legislation and co-author of a seventh. Five of these bills passed the House and Senate, only to be vetoed by the Governor. We would have seen laws to limit dark money in New Hampshire politics and laws to make our energy cheaper and cleaner. 

Please send me back to the House to complete this work!