Candidate Wants to Return to State Senate to Defend Live Free or Die

By Dan Innis

When I purchased the historic Battles Farm in Bradford a couple of years ago, I thought that running the farm would become my new full-time job. The farm had fallen into disrepair, but I saw opportunity. Generations of my family were farmers, and my background as a small businessman and professor at the University of New Hampshire’s business school instilled in me the belief that we could turn it around. So, we rebuilt the buildings and renamed the farm “Trail’s End” after my great-grandfather’s farm. All was well and I settled into my new role.

Then my plans changed. President Biden was elected and our nation’s economic engine, which had been moving at an unheard-of pace, came to a screeching halt. Inflation took over. The prices of everyday necessities like groceries and clothing soared. Filling our car’s gas tanks and our home’s heating oil tanks suddenly required taking out a second mortgage. Our savings and retirement accounts lost enormous value seemingly overnight.

Fortunately, Trail’s End was off to a good start, but I couldn’t simply stand by and watch as neighbors struggled to put food on their tables and small businesses found it difficult to pay their bills.

Serving my state and my community is very important to me. I previously served as a State Senator in District 24 on the seacoast (my previous home near my job on the UNH campus) and I was being encouraged to run again for the State Senate here in my new hometown of Bradford. My experience, both in the business world and in the legislature, compelled me to want to serve again, and after speaking with family and friends, I decided to throw my hat in the ring.

I want to return to the State Senate because I want to defend the Live Free or Die spirit that makes New Hampshire so special. Our economy has withstood the challenges created by poor decisions made in our neighboring states. This is mostly because of our traditions of keeping the government small and taxes low. Former Governor Steve Merrill called it the New Hampshire Advantage, and it has led to low unemployment and higher quality of life.

My priority in the Senate will be to do whatever we can to help you keep more of your own money.