Possibility of Constitution Changes Raises Red Flags

By Karen Testerman

On the upcoming November ballot two Constitutional questions are proposed. The second question asks “Shall there be a convention to amend or revise the constitution?”

This assumes that there is a problem with the founding documents. The problem is not the language or structure of the founding documents.

Proponents of the Article V Constitutional Convention will tell you that the subjects of the convention will be limited in subject matter. That is, only limited issues can be discussed. But note it says amend or REVISE.

A review of history confirms that the same instructions were issued to the delegates to adjust the Articles of Confederation. Amend the Articles in specific areas. However after much prayer and many conversations, they devised a new Constitution

And who will the delegates be? Who will decide?

“Our Constitution was made for moral and religious people.” The Declaration of Independence reinforces that our rights come from Our Creator. The reality of the deep Christian faith of the founders was further reinforced by the call of Benjamin Franklin to seek the counsel of divine Providence at the Constitutional Convention. This recognition of a Creator is the primary element that has distinguished America from other countries and has enabled her to operate as a republic longer than any other country. Today there is NO guarantee that delegates to a COS would possess that strong moral compass.

Finally, the proposed language of “The New Constitution” of Professor and legal counsel targets The Bill of Rights. This is the section that the founders in New Hampshire fought to retain, thus making this state the last to ratify the Constitution for the United States. (See publiushuldah.com)

I do not support this proposal for an Article V Convention. I believe it is dangerous to our existence as a free people. I encourage you to do your homework. Then vote your conscience.


Karen Testerman