Andover Select Board Minutes August 17, 2022

Condensed from approved minutes

Members Present:  Michelle Dudek, Chair; James Delaney, and Andy Guptill

Also present for duration of appropriate item:  Marj Roy, Town Administrator; Donna Duclos; Frank Bryson; Shawn Upton; John McDonald; Peter Howard, Dubois and King Inc.; Peter Stewart, Architect; Seth Currier; Jacob Gilman; and Lisa Meier, Secretary

Eastern Analytical

Testing and reports are done yearly on the gas wells at the old landfill on Monticello Drive and have been received.  Test results are within normal limits.

Road Agent Report

The spoils pile needs to be relocated in order to bring in 10 loads of loam and 10 loads of gravel.  Five of the loads of gravel will be 3/4” stone. Frank will confer with Jon Champagne for this.  Champagne will use the bulldozer and loader to relocate the sand and will confirm how much is there.  

Frank has been emailing with DES regarding paperwork for routine road maintenance. Frank has also submitted photos to DES.  DES indicates a permit is not needed as they are only sleeving the pipe. 

Dudek asked if the price was still $40,000, and the response was yes; however, Frank would like to add $10,000 due to inflation. 

Dudek asked if this was for pipe, concrete subbing, and cutting back the bushes, and Frank responded it is only for the pipe and concrete.  

Bryson asked for a check to be cut as a one-time thing.  Guptill stated the policy needs to be addressed for the future. Dudek recommended Bryson speak with Finance regarding paying vendors within 30 days.  

Dudek asked if the plow routes for this winter have been addressed, and the Board decided to hold a work session the following week. Bryson asked for plow prices so he can even pay across the board. Dudek stated that an on-call policy needs to be drawn up and requested Bryson for a draft policy for their work session the following week. 

Ditching is being worked on.  Work orders were signed by the Board.  Bryson stated the pipe for Channel Road is $20,000; however, the bridge culvert with steel plates is $6,500.

Dubois and King 

Howard asked the Board for any concerns as a conceptual drawing of the location of the building had been received. Delaney asked where we were at as far as bids. Howard responded that there has only been communication but will speak with John Kinney. 

Guptill stated that during a prior discussion, the contractor did not include fire protection and asked if it was needed. Stewart stated there is a six-month grace period, but he will follow up; however, he would like to know exactly what is wanted by the Town. 

Bryson replied he would like an 18’ curling height with three overhead doors and drains in the slab; but only one bay with the floor drain, along with an oil/water separator or a retention pond.  

Delaney stated there should be three bays, an office, a bathroom, a breakroom with storage above.  

Stewart asked if there would be vehicle maintenance done here, and the response was not at this time, only routine maintenance.  Stewart asked what kind of siding would the Board like and offered to provide options.  Stewart asked what kind of interior wall finish was wanted, and Bryson replied FRP in the wash bays 8’ up all sides.  

Stewart stated he will put together some conceptuals and send them out for review. It was asked if there was a pre-qualified bidder list, and the response was yes. Roy stated she believes Primex will require something.  Stewart stated a cistern, pump and generator are needed.  Dudek will check with Steve Barton.  

Bryson asked if the generator will be sufficient enough for the building also, and the response was yes. Bryson asked how thick the cement floor would be and the reply was 6”. Delaney asked if there would be rebar or fiberglass, and the response was as it could be either, they will check on it. 

Stewart asked if the Board would like them to provide a septic design, and the response was yes.  Gilman asked what the difference in life span is between a wood building and a metal building, and the response was the metal is about 75 years and the stick-built is about 50 years. Stewart asked if this would go out to bid as soon as possible and the response was yes.  Who was putting this out to bid – the Town or Dubois and King?

Highway Block Grant 

Roy stated the Highway Block Grant was received yesterday with an additional $85,000.  Per HB401, this is to be used for roads and bridges. Dudek stated this will be added to a work session. Guptill stated they will need to set a public hearing date.

Personnel Policy

Dudek stated the policy needs to be worked on consisting of time sheets, sick time, and a return-to-work policy.  Delaney stated this should be added to a work session. Dudek stated they can work on it at a work session; however, it needs to be voted on during a regular meeting.

Shawn Upton Regarding Beaver Deceivers

Upton stated he was concerned regarding his prior discussions with the Board about the beaver deceivers and asked if there has been any progress with DES. Upton read an email he received from DES as well as an RSA pertaining to maintaining them.  Roy read another RSA pertaining to maintaining them. Guptill stated that the board needs to work on getting a permit. 

Currier asked if there was any documentation for non-Board members maintaining them, and the response was yes.  Dudek stated this discussion needs to be continued at a work session. 

Bryson stated something needs to be done with the bridge on Valley Road.  Dudek asked if he had any idea on how to fix it, and Bryson responded that the fencing at the bottom of the bridge needs to be removed. 

Dudek asked if this could be done without heavy equipment, and the response was no. Dudek asked if DES would say this was a highway emergency, and Bryson responded he would contact DES about it.  

Town Administrator’s Report

Roy stated that there are several boards in town that need members and that everything else that was on her report has been discussed already.