Candidate Statement – Dr. Tom Sherman – Governor

By Dr. Tom Sherman
Dr. Tom Sherman, Candidate for Governor

I am Dr. Tom Sherman, a State Senator from the Seacoast and the Democratic nominee for Governor. I found my passion for service when I was working as an EMT during high school. That passion for service has fueled my career as a doctor and as a legislator. 

Over the course of 35 years as a doctor, I have learned two valuable lessons: the importance of listening, and how we can accomplish goals when we all work together. As a state legislator I have relied on these lessons to work across the aisle to expand health care to 50,000 Granite Staters, lower prescription drug costs, ensure our drinking water is clean and safe to drink, and protect American manufacturers.

Since March, I have been traveling the state listening to Granite Stater’s concerns. And what I’m hearing is that Granite Staters are concerned about attempts to defund our public schools, soaring energy prices, and attacks on reproductive rights across our state and country. 

New Hampshire needs a leader who will sit down and listen and work to solve these problems. As your governor I would take common-sense measures like working with stakeholders to reduce red tape and build more housing. I’d legalize adult-use marijuana so that revenue stops going to surrounding states. And I’d support our public schools and put Roe v. Wade into statute.