Baby Bear Indulges in Pears in East Andover Backyard

Now in good hands at Kilham Bear Sanctuary

By Judy Perreault
An orphaned baby bear spent a week in an East Andover backyard enjoying the bounty of pears. Photo: Pamela Cooper

Judy Perreault of East Andover shared this story of a cute little bear visitor:

A baby bear spent about a week in our yard eating pears. It was evident that he was abandoned for some reason. He was very tiny, about the size of a racoon. We notified the Fish and Game Department, and they came and set up a trap baited with donuts and vanilla scent. The first night we caught a racoon. The second night we caught the bear.

He has gone to the Kilham Bear Center in Lyme, New Hampshire. According to Fish and Game, there were a number of abandoned bears this year. My daughter went to check out the Bear Center. It costs $1,500 to raise a baby until the time it can be released back into the wild. Their website contains great pictures and information:

A baby bear retreats to a tree in the Perreault’s East Andover backyard before being caught and taken to a safe haven at the Kilham Bear Center in Lyme, New Hampshire. Photo: Pamela Cooper