Louise Andrus’s View from Concord for January 2023

By Louise Andrus

Happy February!  Spring is just around the corner.  We have been very fortunate to have the mild winter to date.  It has definitely helped with the heating bills.

Annual school meetings, annual town meetings, and public hearings will be coming up in February and March.  Meeting dates vary from town to town.  Go to your Town offices or School District to obtain information on meeting dates, etc.  Get involved and become a candidate for an office in your town or school district.  Have you obtained a copy of the proposed budget in your town or school?  Have the budgets increased?  

In addition to being a State House Representative, I am a candidate for the school board from the town of Salisbury in the Merrimack Valley School District.  The candidacy will be for the at-large position on the board.  Voters in the school district from the towns of Boscawen, Loudon, Penacook, Salisbury, and Webster may vote for the school district candidates from each of the towns in the school district.

A House session was held according to New Hampshire law on January 4, and on January 5.  Governor Sununu and others took their oath of office.

As a member of  the Judiciary Committee, the Committee sessions started on January 18.  At the time of this writing there are 45 bills in our Committee.  Again, I encourage everyone from District 5 – Andover, Danbury, Hill, Salisbury, and Webster – and all voters across the state to go to the New Hampshire General Court website at GenCourt.State.NH.us and read the calendar each week and become involved in your government, from signing in, to testifying on bills in committees, to sending emails. It is important for each of you to become involved and stand up for issues that matter to you. This is your state!

All streaming videos of standing committee meetings and joint committees can be found at the New Hampshire House of Representatives YouTube channel at YouTube.com/c/NHHouseofRepresentativesCommitteeStreaming.

As a New Hampshire House Representative, in my opinion I am only a messenger.  I am here to serve you, the citizens. The most enjoyable part of the journey is listening to the citizens or reading emails,  whether it is for or against any given Issue.  We have to learn to get along, even if we have a difference of opinion.  Can you imagine how boring life would be if we all agreed on everything?

I can be reached at 406 Raccoon Hill Road, Salisbury NH  03268; 603 648-2510; L.A.Andrus21@nullgmail.com; or Louise.Andrus@nullleg.state.nh.us.

Thank you again for your support and your faith in me to represent you.