Deborah Aylward’s View from Concord for January 2023

By Deborah Aylward

I hope everyone had a peaceful holiday season. I’m excited to see what the new year will bring!

As your State Representative providing constituent services, please feel free to contact me anytime at: or 603 217-7842.

Did you know?

House and Senate Standing Committee Meetings can be viewed online at

House Journal No. 1, dated December 7, 2022, is available online at,%202022.PDF

Legislative Activities

In the process of conducting extensive research for proposing contemplated amendments to laws believed to be in need of clarification later this year. The amendments are in their infancy and once due diligence is completed, drafts will be presented to constituents for opinion.

Attended GOP Caucuses,  Orientation, and House Organization Day. Voted for Sherman Packard as Speaker of the House due to his proven leadership experience.

January 4, Convening Day: The house considered numerous proposed amendments to the House Rules, with most being non-partisan. However, the following proposals brought by the Democrats were defeated:

1) To institute ‘proxy’ voting
2) Hybrid or virtually held committee meetings
3) Prohibition on House Members and the general public from “carrying” in the chamber, anteroom, and gallery

Currently, the House membership is Republicans 201 and Democrats 197, with one tie vote. The House voted for a Run-off Election between Republican David Walker and incumbent Democrat Chuck Grassie in Rochester Ward 4. The seat recently vacated by former Representative Stacie Laughton will likely result in a special election in Nashua Ward 4.

House Standing Committee Assignment: Municipal and County Government

Appointment: Special Committee on Childcare

Seat Assignment: Division 1, Seat #5

Legislative Services Requests (LSRs) summaries and those having bill texts can be viewed at: Some of the LSRs listed have been withdrawn, but feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Constituent Services

Responding to a constituent’s request, viewed an informational webinar hosted by the NH Lakes organization to learn about preserving and protecting the state’s lakes. For more information visit

Provided separate constituents with research regarding voting requirements, and regarding the feasibility of requiring physical addresses on driver’s licenses. Currently, a license holder may use a Post Office Box in lieu of a physical address in New Hampshire.

Merrimack County Delegation

Attended orientation and the organizational meeting. The county budget proposes a 2.9% increase in property taxes.  According to county commission leadership, the increase started at 5%, but they were able to substantially pare it down. 

In the meantime,  a few District 5 towns are being polled to determine if the budget is acceptable as is, and if not, what are the objections, and are there any suggestions for decreasing the increase? 

For taxpayers’ information and convenience, a PowerPoint presentation regarding the budget is found at

Community Outreach

Attended a breakfast hosted by The Women’s Foundation,


Closely following the establishment of the RSA 91-A Right to Know (RTK) Ombudsman position per RSA 91-A:7-a.  Nominee Attorney Thomas Kehr was chosen to fill the position by the Executive Council on December  21.