Andover’s New Town Administrator Believes in Service and Perseverance

Kimberley Edelmann has municipal government experience

By Shelley Geoghegan

Kimberley Edelmann comes to her new position as Andover’s Town Administrator with 14 years of municipal government experience as well as over 30 years of experience in the computer industry in the USA and Europe. She is all about service and persistence, with a strong support ethic. Challenges do not phase her. She feels the Town Administrator’s role is to support the Select Board in governing, along with supporting the town in general.

As someone who is trained to listen to people’s needs and to find resolutions for problems, she looks forward to meeting and communicating with the residents of Andover. Not one to come in and make drastic changes without first observing, unless an immediate change is warranted, Kimberley is working to isolate the key issues that need to be addressed as priorities.

Among a few of these priorities, and perhaps challenges, are the following (not necessarily in this order):

Kimberley Edelmann, Andover’s new Town Administrator.

1. Build a good working relationship with the Select Board, her staff, and the public.
2. Evaluate and assess all the town issues.
3. Update the Town’s website.
4. Execute existing plans related to the Highway Department.
5. Revitalize the Capital Improvements program; plan the next six years (tells the public what the Town is planning and doing).

Outside of the above topics, service areas that will be a major focus also include improvement of the Annual Report and preparation for the Town’s Annual Meetings.

Kimberley has an open door policy. She is approachable and has a good sense of humor. Anyone can ask her anything. If she knows the answer, and can tell you, she will. She will be up front if she doesn’t know the answer or if she can’t discuss a topic. 

In the event she doesn’t know the answer, she will work on finding it. Again, her emphasis is on service. She makes it clear that she will answer a ringing phone, even in the middle of a meeting (with some exceptions), because that call might be an emergency or an opportunity to help someone.

Andover’s new Town Administrator lives on a family farm in Warner, with her husband, Georg, two “very large” dogs, horses, and some chickens. They have lived there since 2005. In Warner, Kimberley has served as a Select Board member, as well as a member of their Zoning Board and Budget Committee, and currently serves as a Trustee of the Trust Funds.

Feel free to stop by the Town Hall to meet your new Town Administrator, and to share your thoughts and opinions about Andover. Kimberley wants to get to know the public. 

Don’t be surprised if she writes down a few notes as you talk. After all, she is about service, communication, problem solving, and action.