Hub Gives Thanks to Andover for Support of Giving Tree Program

Gift cards help during holiday season and beyond

By Susan Chase

The Board of Directors of the Andover Community Hub – Cindy Benson, Larry Chase, Susan Chase, Paul Currier, Gisela Darling, Steve Darling, Samantha Morris, Ty Morris, Kathy Ordway, Doug Phelps, Dana Swenson, Thomas Ware, and Ken Wells – would like to thank all the residents of Andover who supported the third annual Giving Tree at the Hub this past holiday season with donations of gift cards.  

Gift cards worth $4,700-plus (a few had no amount written on them so their value is unknown) were collected and passed along, mostly to the staff at AE/MS and a few going to the Town Offices, to share with folks they know are struggling financially. Some were given out during the holidays, and some will be given out throughout the winter as families need them, to be used for groceries, gas, and other household needs.

Special shout-outs go to Pizza Chef and JJ’s Market and Deli for posting flyers and allowing handouts on the counter by the cash registers to help spread the word about this effort to support our fellow Andover neighbors.

A huge thank you to everyone involved!