Proctor’s Performing Arts Department Produces “Little Women”

The well-known musical was presented in February

By Scott Allenby
The cast and crew of Proctor’s winter musical, Little Women, produced a tremendous show on February 17 and 18 in the Wilkins Meeting House. Thank you to all of the members of the Andover community who came out to support the production. Caption: Scott Allenby. Photo: Lindsey Allenby

bruary 17 and 18, Proctor Academy’s Performing Arts Department produced the musical Little Women for the Proctor and local community. Usually a spring production, this year’s musical was moved to the winter to provide the cast and crew additional rehearsal and production time.

The audience was not disappointed as Andover natives Paige Makechnie ‘25, Helen Armstrong ‘23, and Em Hackmann ‘25 all shined throughout the show alongside a balanced cast and remarkable technical crew helped the production go off without a hitch.

Kudos to all who were involved in the production, including director Jennifer Summers, musical director Alyssa Costa, costume designer Joan Saunders, technical director Starr Fair, and sound coordinator Seth Currier for their leadership. Read more about Proctor’s production of Little Women on Proctor’s website at