Planning Board Minutes, October 9, 2012

Condensed from approved minutes

Members present: Jon Warzocha, Chair; Paul Currier; Nancy Teach; Don Gould; Pat Moyer; Jim Danforth, ex-officio; and Wood Sutton, alternate appointed to Eric Johnson’s position.

Also present for duration of appropriate items: Steven Nelson; Stacey Viandier.

Continued Non-Binding Consultation: Steven Nelson for a minor subdivision at 194 Boston Hill Road

Nelson presented a copy of his tax map indicating the proposed subdivision. There are 11.153 acres with a total of 370’ of road frontage. The proposal is to divide out five acres.

Warzocha stated he was concerned with the width-to-depth ratio, and Currier indicated it would be difficult to approve based on the width-to-depth ratio.

The Board asked if Steve would consider less than five acres; however, in doing that, he would need state subdivision approval.

Steve inquired if test pits and septic design would be needed. Yes, for the state subdivision approval if he opted to go that route.

Preliminary Non-Binding Consultation: Stacey Viandier as agent for Edibeth Farrington, 443 Elbow Pond Road.

There are currently 20 acres on this parcel, a house, and a cottage. Ms. Farrington would like to relocate the cottage to the east, as it obstructs her view from the back porch of the house.

Sutton asked if the existing septic for the cottage would remain in use. Yes.

Danforth asked if there were any wetlands. No.

Currier stated that there should be no problems provided the new location meets all requirements of the Town and boards.

The Board determined that this is not a significant enough change of use, as it is not new construction, to warrant any Board action, and that Ms. Farrington would only need a building permit.

Continued Enforcement Discussion: The Chair fielded a verbal complaint from a property owner regarding a structure having been built partially on his property. This person was referred to the Board of Selectmen.

Master Plan Update: The new plan needs to be printed and put onto the Town’s Web site.