Julie Matz – Candidate for Library Trustee

By Julie Matz

Good stories, access to information, and creating a sanctuary: these are the reasons why I became a school librarian and why I am honored to be a write-in candidate for Library Trustee.  If elected, I will work together with my fellow trustees and outstanding librarians to ensure that everyone in Andover, from the small to the tall, finds a warm welcome and the answers to what they seek when entering the Andover and Bachelder libraries.

Julie Matz – Candidate for Library Trustee

While a recent permanent resident of New Hampshire, I’ve considered Andover my home of choice since the late ’90s when our family started renting a cabin on the Bardsley property, Elbo Edge.  We knew early on that Andover was where we wanted to live and are currently building a house on Elbow Pond.  Dreams do come true!

Having served as Library Trustee since last October when I filled a vacancy on the Board, I believe that, if elected, I can “hit the ground running.”  Also, it has been my deepest pleasure to get to know the students and staff at AE/MS while working as a substitute teacher.  As a trustee, one of my priorities will be collaborating with our library directors as they strengthen the bonds between the libraries and AE/MS students, families, and staff. 

Please consider writing my name, Julie Matz, on your ballot for Library Trustee.  Many thanks!