Recreation Committee Minutes, October 9, 2012

Condensed from draft minutes

Present: Justin Carey, Nicole Donovan, Tom Frantz, Ellie George, Howard George, Alan Hanscom, Tim Norris, Brian Reynolds, Kurt Weber, and Selectman Jim Danforth.


The total budget figure we received from Marj Roy for 2012 was $31,080. This is the same total the committee received in 2011. Of that amount, $11,338.47 remains.

Selectman Jim Danforth had several budget observations:

1. From now on, the Recreation Committee budget will be revolving in nature. That means that money not spent in a given year will revolve back into the account for the following year.

2. There are to be two new line items in the budget: Administrative Expenses and Background Checks for all adults working with kids.

3. The Selectmen would like to see a budget item for the Blackwater Park Recreation Building that would see the building both finished and maintained.

The budget line items were all gone over during the meeting. Tom Frantz and Alan Hanscom will attend the Selectmen’s Meeting on October 15.

Soccer Update

Nicole Donavon has done a wonderful job running our five-team soccer program. Here is her summary of what’s going on near season’s end:

Grades 1/2 and grades 3/4 finish up this Saturday, October 13. The 3/4 teams played in the New London Outing Club’s Bob Andrews Jamboree this past Sunday and had a great time. Both 5/6 teams have games until October 18, with the league tournament on Saturday, the 20th. They have also been invited to the Merrimack Valley Cup slated for Sunday, October 28, at MVHS. Last year both Andover teams took first place at this special tournament.

We will have paint left over. We are going to line the field one more time on October 14, but we’ll keep the goals up until after the Merrimack Valley Cup so they can still be used for practice.

Nicole will be typing her end-of-the-season article for the Beacon recognizing all the coaches and officials.

Hockey Rink

The Hockey Rink will be 55′ x 90′. The Hockey Rink liner will be 60′ x 95′. It will be 10 mil thick and will cost $972. Shipping will be $300.

The stone-dust for leveling will be about $500. The boards will be composed of 16″ plywood, and the pads for the tops of the boards will probably be similar to the pads on the top of the baseball field fence. Price TBD.

The kick plate to protect the liner at the edge of the boards would cost $740 from the company supplying the liner, but could probably be done much more cheaply with PVC trim board purchased locally.

The Hockey Rink Project not-to-exceed figure is $3,000.

Lawrence Street Drainage

The Committee considered the best way to deal with the sand washing down into Blackwater Park from Lawrence Street, particularly in the spring. It was felt that the best way to deal with this sand was to get a group of volunteers together to shovel it up on an annual basis.

The Selectmen are planning to discuss options with Jon Champagne.


Darryl Furtkamp will e-mail us a pre-season basketball presentation for inclusion in these minutes. We know that the basketball signups will be held during Math Night at AE/MS on Thursday, October 25. Thanks again to Darryl for doing the minutes in September.


The skiing signups will also be held during Math Night at AE/MS on October 25. Skiing registration fees will be $30 for the first child in each family and $25 for each additional family member.

There was a discussion about what to do about cross-country skiing as most of the kids, given the option, chose to go ice skating last year.

Tim Norris approached Buz Morison and other Proctor faculty cross-country skiers to see if there was support for an informal program through the Andover Outing Club (AOC) at little cost. There have been positive responses from Buz Morison and Peter Southworth. Interested parents (who aren’t already in AOC) should contact Tim Norris at or 735-5369.

New Business

Two bids were submitted for water shutoff and start up for Corson Field and George Field. Greenleaf Irrigation in Warner bid $750 to $1,200 for both fields. Garry George bid $625 for both fields. The committee accepted Garry George’s bid.