Zoning Board Minutes, June 19, 2012

Condensed from approved minutes

Members present: Charlie McCrave, Chair; Jeff Newcomb; Katherine Stearns, alternate; Bill Keyser, alternate.

Also present for duration of appropriate item: Peter Hattan

Public Hearing: A request from Peter and Anna Kate Hattan for a variance to permit expansion of the front porch into the front setback. The property is located at 16 Park Street and is in the Rural / Agricultural District.

Charlie McCrave reviewed the procedure with the applicant. Mr. Hattan presented an application, diagram, and photos of the existing porch. The proposal is to remove the existing porch and rebuild with a depth four feet more than the existing.

There is currently a 27′ setback. The new porch would have a 23′ setback. The width of the new porch would remain the same as the current porch.

A letter from abutters Jay and Robin Boynton was received and read. This letter indicated they have no objection to the proposal.

The Board reviewed the criteria for a variance and voted unanimously in favor of granting the variance.