From the Town Administrator’s Office – May Updates

Town Hall radon issue has been resolved

By Kimberley Edelmann

The month of May was one for the history books. And, in part, good riddance, I say! The radon problem with the Town Offices/Library Building has been completely resolved. Our radon levels are now nearly at zero: a massive change from our peak levels in the 40s. And with the air filtration systems we now have in place, the building air seems fresher, lighter, more pleasant.

Shutting down the Town Offices was not a decision taken lightly. It was disruptive for our staff, to our residents, and to the patrons of the Library. I want to thank everyone for their cooperation and support during that period. Much appreciated.

The month of May also saw the passing of Shirley Henderson Currier. Shirley was a very active, well loved member of the community. Among so many other things, she was also our Town Treasurer for many years. She is missed.

Thankfully, May also had some bright spots. The Andover Garden Club continues to brighten up the entrance to the building with blooming flowers. A joy to see! According to their website, the “Andover Garden Club is a charitable organization established in 1927 that encourages the study and practice of horticulture, landscape and floral design, aids in the beautification of The Town of Andover, and helps protect and conserve its natural resources. It provides financial and hands-on support to municipal, educational and environmental organizations throughout the region.”

At the beginning of the month, the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services announced a surplus of PPE (personal protective equipment), which they wanted to get out of their warehouse. The Town of Andover now has a lot of that free surplus material, which can be used by our departments, as needed, to minimize exposure to hazards.

In mid-May, the Select Board approved licensing for the Locke junkyard, and provisional licensing for a potential buyer of the property, which was put on the market nearly a year ago. A buyer from Massachusetts made an offer, contingent on getting that first year’s junkyard license. We wish the new owner success with their business.

Looking forward, we have a very important New Hampshire Department of Transportation Public Hearing on Tuesday, June 27, at 6 PM, at the Andover Elementary/Middle School. NHDOT will be talking about Project 20650, the proposal to replace two of the existing red-listed bridges that carry Route 11 over the Northern Rail Trail and Sucker Brook. 

Some residents recently heard Project Manager Tim Dunn speak about the bridges project at a meeting at The Andover Community Hub. We hope to see more residents come to this hearing.

Finally, a note of thanks to the residents of the Town of Andover for your support and civic engagement. Come visit and say hello. See you soon!