June Sees Graduation of Ten Preschoolers from EAVP

7 headed to AE/MS; 3 to Salisbury Elementary

By Stephanie D'Amour

East Andover Village Preschool graduates, from left to right: Owen, Eila, Marina, Quest, and Scarlett. Photo: Stephanie D’Amour
EAVP Preschool graduates, shown from left to right: Rose, Addilyn, Carter, and Clara. Photo: Stephanie D’Amour

May has been a busy month and preschoolers are excited for the planting season. We have started our seeds inside, watching the little sprouts break through the soil. We have a variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers that we will soon transfer to our garden.

This month we also celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week. Our wonderful families put together a fun week for the staff and children to show how much the teachers are loved. It truly takes a special person to shape young minds, and we are so lucky to call Miss Stephanie, Miss Steph, and Miss Kristie ours!

We are still on the search for another full-time teacher and/or summer camp staff. If you are interested please email eavp@nulltds.net.

Limited enrollment is available for the next school year for three- to five-year old’s.

On June 16 we will say goodbye to ten preschoolers as

they move on to kindergarten. We have seven students headed to AE/MS, and three headed to Salisbury Elementary.