Select Board Announces Resignation of Town Administrator

Kimberley Edelmann played crucial role in many areas

By Dana Swenson

On October 26, 2023, the Select Board reluctantly accepted the resignation letter of Kimberley Edelmann as the Town Administrator. During her tenure, Kimberley played a crucial role in regenerating the Town’s policies, managing its day-to-day operations, and representing the community in various capacities. Kimberley resigned for personal reasons and Andover now faces the task of selecting a new administrator to fill the void.

The process of appointing a new Town Administrator involves careful consideration and Town staff input. The Select Board will assess the qualities needed in a leader to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities facing Andover. This includes evaluating candidates’ experience, leadership styles, and their commitment to community engagement.

The Select Board is emphasizing the importance of finding a candidate who can continue the positive momentum established by Kimberley. The selection process has begun, with the position being posted internally for one week and more than two weeks to external candidates.  

As of this writing there are two external candidates interested in the position, and the Select Board will be going through an interview process to determine if either are a good fit for the Town. The goal is for a smooth transition and establishing effective leadership to guide Andover into the future.

Ultimately, the departure of a Town Administrator presents both challenges and opportunities, highlighting the resilience and adaptability of Andover as it moves forward under new leadership.