Proctor Academy Welcomes Four New Artists; Two New Exhibits

Collections on exhibit through May, 2024

By Molly Leith

Proctor Academy is excited to announce two new Art Exhibits, “Apricity” and “The Alchemy of Hope, Art for Climate Change”, are now on exhibit through May 2024. Both collections, featuring artists Debbie Campbell, Elizabeth Pieroni, Adriana Prat and Yuko Oda are inspired by nature and intended to cultivate hope as we consider the impact we have on the earth and our climate. From plein air representational landscapes to futurist possibilities, these works ground us in the present as they invite us to consider our future. Please email art curator Molly Leith at for viewing times. 

 “Apricity,” now on exhibit in the Brown Dining Gallery, is a two-woman show featuring a stunning collection of paintings by Liz Pieroni and Debbie Campbell. Liz Pieroni, based in Manchester, NH, is inspired most by her children’s curiosity for the natural world. Liz creates abstract botanical work to be experienced by the viewer as a deep breath of fresh air. Liz is the founder of Mosaic Art Collective in Manchester, NH. Please visit her website at to view more of her work. Debbie Campbell is a graphic designer and plein air landscape oil painter focusing on the Lake Sunapee Region as well as New Hampshire seascapes and animals. Her work brings you right into the very moment she is capturing on her canvas as she stands outside. “She feels the energy and the press of time to capture the ever-changing light is what makes painting outside so exciting.” -Debbie Campbell.  Please visit to see more of Debbie’s work. 

 “The Alchemy of Hope, Art for Climate Action,” now on Exhibit in the Lovejoy Library, is also a two-woman show featuring a stimulating collection of abstract and representational work by artists, Yuko Oda, and Adriana Prat. Originally from Argentina, Adriana brings her background in Biophysics to create abstract work reminiscent of microscopic images, using repurposed materials to create her art. “I create my artwork while ruminating on the brutality of human-made environmental disruption. In search of sustainable ways to produce my art, the reclaimed materials I utilize take me further in the direction I believe we all need to go towards: minimizing our exponential environmental impact on the world.” – Adriana Prat.  Please visit to see more of Adriana’s work. Yuko Oda, originally from Japan, teaches in the Art and Design Department at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. Her work evokes a futuristic landscape where the laws of nature may be redefined, where flowers and birds crossbreed to create new species. “The respect and awe I feel for nature inspires my artmaking, but these emotions are complicated by the realization that we have drastically transformed and polluted it, to a point where most of its inhabitants are endangered or extinct. I respond to this current coexistence of nature and human beings by creating mythological narratives of an alternate, post-human nature. From destruction, birth, and healing, the works represent nature’s calamities, resilience, and power to heal.” – Yuko Oda. To see more of Yuko’s work, please visit 

Information on attending artist receptions scheduled for May, 2024 is forthcoming. Please reach out to art curator, Molly Leith, at with any questions or to view the collections.