Proctor Head of School Plans to Leave at End of June

Brian Thomas will have fulfilled his contract

By Brian Thomas

Dear Proctor and Andover Community Members,

The New Year is a time for fresh beginnings, and after much personal reflection and conversations with Proctor’s Board of Trustees and my trusted advisors, I have decided not to return to Proctor at the end of my contract, which is June 30, 2024. I am announcing this now to give the Board and School time for a smooth transition for next year and beyond.

I take pride in the work we’ve accomplished together in a short, three-year period, and it brings me joy to see happy and thriving students, full enrollment, and robust demand from prospective students. I am proud, too, of the people we’ve hired and promoted who are doing magnificent work leading the School. We completed our Strategic Plan and Master Plan for the campus, which together will provide direction for years to come. And we are successfully wrapping up our NEASC accreditation process. These are hallmarks of a collaborative, focused team effort that results in successful students, a supportive culture, and a strong school.

I am most proud of the people who make up the Proctor community. Our talented faculty and staff, many of whom have devoted their entire careers to Proctor and love this school – as Bruce Springsteen would say – with “all of the passion in their souls.” Equally important are the students, families, and alumni who have entrusted their most precious gifts to this amazing school in Andover, New Hampshire. And our Board of Trustees, who provide the School with guidance and generosity that keeps us on a steady course. Each member of this community gives something unique that continually benefits Proctor today. You will all remain in my heart.
It has been a pleasure to build relationships across the extended Proctor and Andover family over the past few years; the insights and perspectives each of you have shared with me have informed my leadership and the direction of the school. My time as Head of School has been and will continue to be a meaningful part of who I am.

I began the year by saying to you all that this was my third or “junior year” at Proctor. However, like many Proctor students and alumni before me, I am officially “reclassing” and graduating this year with the Class of 2024. There will be bittersweet days ahead when I will say, “So long for now, but not goodbye,” but that’s not for today. That time will come later.

Now more than ever, let’s all finish up strong.

All My Best,

Brian Thomas