March Progress Report on Highway Garage

By Les Fenton

There has been a great deal of activity in March, with the pace of work picking up as spring approaches. The interior wall surfaces, some plywood and some wallboard, have all been finished and painted. The main power panels are installed, and the electrification of the building’s various systems is ongoing. 

Exterior concrete pads were poured to allow for the connection of ADA (Americans with Disability Act)-style ground-level ramping when the final pavement is set. The mezzanine now contains all the finished and insulated ductwork for the supply and return of air from the heat pump, which will provide both heating and cooling. The main boiler is set and connected to the distribution manifolds for the various heating zones in the radiant floor. 

The main condenser for the air-source heat pump has been installed, purged, and charged with refrigerant. The heat pump has a life expectancy of 20 years and is designed to produce two times more energy value than it uses, with a 10 percent Return on Investment (ROI), so it will pay for itself over time and reduce the amount of propane needed to heat the facility.

The bathroom has a shower, toilet, urinal, and sink, which are all compliant with ADA mobility standards, awaiting only the activation of the well and water delivery system. The break room has a sink, counter, cabinets, and a refrigerator, as well as room for a table and chairs.

The Highway Garage Project is slightly over 80 percent complete. The bulk of work remaining is on the exterior: septic system, final paving, landscaping, underground propane tank, flagpole with lighting, and some security measures. 

Barring any adverse weather, work should be completed in the next 60 days, which will allow the Highway Supervisor and crew to outfit the building with desks, chairs, tables, personal lockers, etc., during the month of June. An Open House will be scheduled for sometime around the Fourth of July celebration.