Lake Sunapee Region Chamber of Commerce Welcomes Beacon

Multiple media outlets are beneficial for businesses

By Ashlee Rowley



There is something beautiful about where we get to live, work, and play. Actually, it’s not just one thing. It’s a million little things that all add up to the incredible Greater Lake Sunapee Region. 

The businesses, the organizations, the outdoor assets, and especially the people all make this area as vibrant as it is. As a regional Chamber of Commerce, we serve 12 different towns that all come together as one large community working for the growth and development of the region. Our Chamber is organized for the “primary purpose of facilitating, encouraging, and promoting commerce which enhances the quality of life in our region.”

A Chamber of Commerce is a convener of information and a resource for not only the business and organization community but also for the residents and travelers to the region it serves. Local publications and marketing partners are incredibly important to the success of organizations like the Chamber and to the local business community as well. 

The Beacon rebranding, covering the Ragged, Sunapee, and Kearsarge regions, will be such a beneficial publication adjustment. Those three mountains really anchor the region and frame our stunning views. They provide the culture and rich texture of the outdoor recreation that complements our lakes and makes our area of the Granite State so desirable to live, work, and play in.

Here at the Chamber, we are firm believers in utilizing all forms of marketing and media. We consistently interview with YCN for Yankee Chronicle episodes, we have a twice-a-week radio show called Day Trip Destinations on 99.7 WNTK, our social media pages and platforms are always expanding and growing, and we frequently submit print ads in The Kearsarge Shopper and The Intertown Record — and now we can expand that to The Beacon as well. 

We remind our member businesses and organizations that using all the marketing media ensures that their message is getting to all ages, communities, demographics, etc. It’s all part of the recipe for success.

Personally, I am excited to see The Beacon reach a broader audience. As a 15-year resident of the region, it will be great to read positive articles full of great energy about all that is amazing about this section of the 603. As a Sunapee small business owner myself, it will be great to have another option for advertising and promotion. As the Chamber Executive Director, I am thrilled to be able to have an additional community newspaper to promote to members and to distribute to all the travelers coming to the area over the year. 

Local newspapers show the true color of a community. There are so many ways a reader can embrace the vibe of a region through connecting with its publications. This publication will become another “beacon of light” for our area, showcasing all that we love about our home.

At the Chamber, we are happy to be able to assist The Beacon in expanding its reach and message to many more towns, businesses, organizations, and individuals. You will see more Lake Sunapee Region Chamber of Commerce content in the future issues of The Beacon, from event advertisements, articles on the importance of supporting local, an insider’s scoop to what Chambers do in the Granite State, and even some personal stories from our Board of Directors and me. 


This is just the beginning — the tip of the iceberg — of the possibilities that this rebrand and expansion of a local community gem can bring to our region. I’m here for it.