Important June 4 Deadline Approaching

June 4 is the deadline for changing your party

By Lee Wells, Deputy Moderator

June 4 is the deadline for changing your party affiliation for the September 10 NH State
Primary. For every primary for which I have been the deputy moderator there has been a small number of voters who were surprised, frustrated, or angered to learn that they would not be receiving the ballot that they expected to receive on that election day.

All voters in NH are registered as Democrats, Republicans, or as Undeclared. Voters automatically receive the ballot for the political party for which they are registered. Only voters who are registered as Undeclared may choose which ballot they receive. Once an Undeclared voter selects a ballot, they are considered to be a registered voter for that party. After voting a voter may return to undeclared status by signing a list with the supervisors of the checklist before leaving the polling place. 

If a voter’s status is not changed back to Undeclared, then at the next Primary Election they will
automatically be given the ballot for the party they voted for at the previous primary.

To check your registration status, please go to the Secretary of State’s Voter Information Lookup
( Click on the blue box, enter your town name, your first and
last name, your date of birth, check off the “I am not a robot” box, and hit search. Scroll down
and you should see your voter information. (If you get a message “we cannot locate absentee
ballot information for this voter” just keep scrolling down.) 

You can also check with the supervisors of the checklist or with your town clerk to verify your party affiliation. If it is incorrect or if you wish to change your party affiliation, you may do that with your town clerk during regular hours up until June 4, or you may come to Town Hall on June 4 between 7-7:30 PM to change your party affiliation with the supervisors of the checklist.

Please don’t be one of those voters who doesn’t receive the ballot they want to receive for the
New Hampshire State Primary on September 10. Check your status, and if needed, correct it by
June 4.