New Friends of the Andover Libraries

A newly formed Friends of the Andover Libraries (FOALs)

Press release

Are you looking for ways to get involved with our wonderful Andover Libraries? A newly formed Friends of the Andover Libraries (FOALs) group will launch a community-wide membership campaign in the near future. Over the past few months, a planning committee met to organize this non-profit Friends association to strengthen, support, and extend library resources and services. 

FOALs will provide a source of volunteers, ideas, funding and additional support for our existing library programs and our full-time library director, Michaela Hoover, as she brings exciting new programs, initiatives, and events to our library community. All proceeds from annual dues at various levels of membership go towards the enhancement of resources and services for the Andover Public Library beyond the funding appropriated by the town and the W.A. Bachelder Library trust.

FOALs members will receive periodic newsletters and advance notice of and invitations to upcoming events. Opportunities for service throughout the year will be available for volunteers of all ages, interests, and abilities as well as opportunities to serve on short or longer term task groups: Publicity/ Promotion, Membership, Newsletters, Programs, Grounds Beautification, Book Sales, Mini -Golf. 

Last year the Annual Book Sale and Mini Golf event raised $7000 for the Andover Libraries. 

Assisting with the 18-hole golf course and your participation will promote this fun family event. Volunteers who sort, box, and set up in preparation for the annual Book Sale on July 3-4, and additional book sales during the year, will offer Friends the opportunity to preview the donated books and make their own selections /donations earlier.

We are already considering future plans for both children and adults with assisting Michaela in developing a “Reading Buddies” program at the libraries and co-sponsoring a Community Read.
Becoming a Friend of the Libraries is a way to be with others interested in the well-being of our libraries and, in doing so, will contribute to our larger community.

We expect to have FOALs brochures with the membership form available at both Libraries and the HUB by mid-June and at the Libraries’ Book Sale on July 3-4, in the Stone Chapel on Proctor grounds. When signing up to become a Friend, you will have the opportunity to check off specific areas of interest to you.

FOALs is in the process of establishing our charitable status. Contact us at our address: Friends of the Andover Libraries PO Box 48, East Andover, NH 03231. For questions, please contact Sheila Swenson at 603 568-1618 or
Libraries Need Friends…. May we count on you?