New Beacon Advertiser Offers Business Coaching; Does Public Speaking

Dulcee Loehn lives in Danbury with two rescue dogs

Press release
Dulcee Loehn with her two rescue dogs, Hiccup and Lucy

Dulcee, a visionary Certified FocalPoint Business Coach and the owner of FocalPoint Business Performance, Inc., is on a mission to ignite growth and success. With over 30 years of coaching experience and expertise in business management, organizational effectiveness, and leadership, Dulcee collaborates closely with businesses, unlocking their full potential. Her passion lies in empowering her clients to maximize revenue, profitability, and return on investment. Through her dynamic approach and the powerful FocalPoint system, Dulcee guides businesses on a transformative journey, helping them achieve their goals and aspirations like never before.

Certified FocalPoint Business Coach, Dulcee Loehn.

Dulcee’s own story is one of inspiration and resilience. After graduating from college, she worked for small businesses where she learned all aspects of running a business from entrepreneurs who valued the personal benefits of ownership. With a solid understanding of the operations, challenges, and rewards of small business ownership, Dulcee decided to
explore the corporate world, gaining expertise in financial and operations management over nearly 10 years. However, an unexpected change led to her position being eliminated, forcing her to confront a crossroad in her career.

During this crucial time, Dulcee experienced a transformation. Physical ailments that had plagued her mysteriously disappeared after leaving the corporate world. This wake-up call prompted her to search for her true passion and pursue fulfilling work. Despite not having any entrepreneurial role models in her family, Dulcee bravely launched her own business in January 2008 and has never looked back. Her driving force is to turn her clients’ dreams into realities, bringing them extraordinary ideas, unshakeable confidence, and unprecedented prosperity.

Dulcee’s purpose is clear: to ignite creative energy, drive growth, and support others to be unapologetically themselves. She believes in the power of unleashing individual potential. With Dulcee as their guide, businesses can tap into their inner strengths and achieve remarkable success.

Dulcee is also a sought-after public speaker.  She has been speaking for groups and associations for over 30 years, sharing her expertise in business improvement, personal success, and the positive effects of mindset.

Dulcee lives in Danbury, New Hampshire with her two rescued dogs, Hiccup and Lucy. She loves spending time walking with her “furry children.”

She is the President of the Rotary Club of New London.  She assumed that position in August of 2023 and since then has introduced the community to the “Bee a Part of the Buzz! Adult Spelling Bee, and participated in many of the club’s local service projects and fundraisers.  “I love the care and enthusiasm of the members of the Rotary Club of New London.  They have welcomed me, helped me learn about the area, and shared all the ways that they love to give back to their community.”

Dulcee also volunteers at the Bark and Bray Farm Animal Sanctuary in Wilmot. She calls the farm her “happy place” as it is the place she goes to “de-stress” from the work week. She enjoys hiking and tackles a new trail nearly every week. Dulcee has taken ballroom dance lessons for six years. In her spare time, when she is not doing service in the community, Dulcee also loves working in the yard and tending to her gardens.