Planning Board Minutes, May 14, 2013

Condensed from approved minutes

Members present: Paul Currier, Chair; Wood Sutton; Don Gould; Nancy Teach; and Duncan Coolidge, ex officio

Also present for duration of appropriate item: Roger Kidder, Building Inspector; Dave Powers, Deputy Building Inspector.

Preliminary Non-Binding Consultation: American Tower Corporation and Department of Homeland Security request for Administrative Review

The request is to add an additional antenna onto the existing tower on Flaghole Road. Currier reviewed the ordinance pertaining to diameters and it indicates that “less than four feet in diameter needs no Planning Board action”. A motion was made concurring that no Planning Board action is necessary to install the additional antenna. The board unanimously approved the motion. Currier will draft a response letter.

Building Permit Process

Coolidge stated the Selectboard feels that if there is no Building Inspector, and the residents having to go through the State Fire Marshall would be difficult and counter-productive. People will be less likely to request inspections. Town Counsel was consulted. The Selectboard recommended that Andover continue with a Building Ordinance and hone the process, and consider revising the Building Ordinance.

Sutton asked what qualifications are necessary for a Building Inspector and the response was there are none at this time. Currier stated the interim building permit process is what Roger Kidder has been doing all along. Currier distributed Building Ordinances Tables of Contents from two towns for the board members to review.

Sutton asked if Andover would still have to follow the State Building Code and the response was yes. Currier indicated that an overhaul of the ordinance is necessary; therefore, it may benefit the town to write a new ordinance.

Coolidge indicated that the Selectboard feels Andover should adopt the State Building Code and write an ordinance to follow it. Sutton asked what the risks are and the response was there is no enforcement process that works and no record of enforcement is on file.

Currier suggests incorporating a Building Ordinance into the Zoning Ordinance. The Planning Board offered to work with Roger Kidder, Building Inspector, and Dave Powers, Deputy Building Inspector to write a new building ordinance for review and approval by the Selectboard. The existing ordinance needs to be reviewed along with those from other towns.

Coolidge stated that high density occupancy and commercial buildings need a professional inspector.

There will be a joint board meeting on May 28, 2013 and the June 11, 2013 meeting will be to review the ordinances.

Committee Reports

The Web Committee has not met to date.

The Master Plan Committee – Teach stated this is being worked on and a digital copy will be available to everybody.

GIS / Database – Current tax maps have been received.