Board of Selectmen Minutes, June 3, 2013

Condensed from approved minutes

Present: Selectmen Mishcon, Danforth, Coolidge, Town Administrator Roy, and Road Agent John Champagne.

Road Agent’s Report

Jon has received five quotes for paving Applecrest Lane, Bradley Lake Road, Pancake Road, and Mill Road. It was decided that Jon and the Selectmen will discuss the quotes at their work session on Friday, May 24, and will report their decision at the next Selectmen’s meeting.

Jon reported that there is a large oak tree on Bridge Road that needs to be taken down. The tree is near Bob Currier’s house, and Bob will take the wood if the Town does not have a general assistance client in need of wood. The Town Administrator stated that no one is in need of wood at this time.

Jon presented a work proposal to the Selectmen for drainage work to be done on Boston Hill Road in front of the Perry property. It was determined that the Town Administrator will hold on to the proposal until it is time to do the work.

Jon stated there is a need for specialized ditching in Town. Some areas can be done with the grader but some need to be done with special equipment. Jon has a price quote that will be discussed at a later meeting.

There was discussion about spreading liquid calcium chloride at the Transfer Station to keep the dust down. Jon will take care of this.

Application for Building Permit

Paul Currier, Chairperson of the Planning Board, joined the meeting.

Selectman Danforth presented a draft of an Application for Building Permit, Fee Schedule, and worksheet. Selectman Danforth moved to refer the Application for Building Permit, Fee Schedule, and worksheet to the Planning Board.

Paul stated that he feels there is an ordinance on the books from a Town Meeting for Building Inspector, enforcement, etc. Selectman Danforth explained that the Selectmen are not changing the enforcement portion. Paul stated the need for due process (special Town Meeting).

Selectman Coolidge stated that the Selectmen have a prudential responsibility to the Town, and if the process is not one they can support, then they should stop. If they can’t afford to run the process, they should stop.

Selectman Danforth stated that the Selectmen have already done away with the PA28 form (Inventory of Taxable Property). Town Meeting didn’t state a time frame for enforcement for a violation. We have to stay within the Avitar assessing time period. The state did not accept the enforcement section of the International Building Code.

Selectman Coolidge suggested that the applicable RSAs be listed with each item to which they apply.

Selectman Danforth said the Building Inspector position was eliminated by state statute.

Currier said there is a need to go to the legislative body to rescind the 1961 building code. This can be accomplished through a special Town Meeting per RSA 80:28. The Selectmen have certain powers that have been specified by Town Meeting.

Selectman Coolidge said the Selectmen are trying to get the administrative process going in order to fix the process. The Board of Selectmen can set and or adjust fees. There is a need to go back to January 1, 2011 because that is the start of the whole Avitar cycle.

Selectman Danforth: There are two urgencies present: 1) We are publicly on the record that we do not feel qualified or able to inspect commercial space. 2) We have a number of people who are displeased with our enforcement of zoning etc. We need to be working through the process.

Selectman Coolidge said that ultimately this should go to Town Meeting when the committees finish their work. Tonight we can change the fee schedule, describe the process and the application for a permit.

Discussion ensued regarding preparation time and regulations leading to a special Town Meeting. The Town Administrator cautioned that everything must be ready to go before October 1, because after that date all office personnel are involved in work pertaining to setting of the tax rate, printing and mailing tax bills, tax collection, budget preparation and public hearings, and preparing the Town Report.

The Board directed the Town Administrator to contact the Department of Revenue for direction as to how we should proceed since we need to repeal a 1961 building code at a special Town Meeting.

Chairperson Mishcon called for a second for the motion on the floor. Selectman Coolidge seconded and the vote was unanimous. The draft Application for Building Permit and the Fee Schedule will be forwarded to the Planning Board. Copies were given to Chairperson Paul Currier.

Budget Committee

Selectman Danforth reported on the May 29 meeting. The purpose of that meeting was to review the financial results of the 2013 School District and Town Meetings. Plans for the upcoming year were also discussed. The Budget Committee would like to hire a secretary to take minutes of each meeting. The Committee would also like to add a “presentation format budget” to the Town Report. Selectmen Coolidge and Mishcon stated they will need to see that format before making the decision to publish it.

Highway Committee Forms

It was recommended that budget dates and implementation dates be stated by the Highway Committee in their reports. The Selectmen would also like to see realistic expectations to recommend and accomplish projects. The Selectmen agreed that the forms presented are okay as presented.

Process for Disposal of Town Property

The Selectmen had a general discussion regarding town-owned property. They agreed that the Board needs to make sure that any property we keep is put on the Conservation Commission’s list of responsibilities. It was agreed that the Selectmen need to visit the properties with the most potential for the Town. Weather permitting, Selectmen Mishcon and Coolidge will do this Friday, June 7.

Shared Services

Selectman Mishcon reported that the Shared Services Committee, of which Andover, Salisbury, Boscawen, Webster and other local town are members, is investigating combined assessing, legal, and healthcare services. Interlocal Healthcare Trust might provide a better product (Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare) than our current Cigna coverage.

The assessing decision for Andover will need to be made by October 1, whether or not it involves the Shared Services Committee.