Board of Selectmen Minutes, May 20, 2013

Condensed from approved minutes

Present: Chairperson Mishcon, Selectman Coolidge, Town Administrator Roy, Road Agent Jon Champagne

Road Agent’s Report

Road sweeping will begin Wednesday of this week. Sweeping will continue for five days.

The last of the street signs are ready for pick up at Granite State Sign Shop.

The Applecrest Lane project began last week. More pipe needed to be replaced than originally predicted.

The NICOM Crack Sealing quote is $3,800/day with crew, equipment, and traffic control. Lawrence Street, Beech Hill Road, Agony Hill Road, and Kearsarge Mountain Road are slated to be crack-sealed.

Jon is still waiting for the applicator for calcium chloride.

There is some money set aside for specialized brush cutting. There was discussion at the last meeting regarding notification. Should we go to specialized limb removal instead of specialized tree removal until we put a procedure in place? Selectman Coolidge stated that we need a priority list with specific details. Jon has provided such a list in the past.

Jon has concerns about the Japanese Knotweed being put in the compost pile at the Transfer Station. Some of the compost is contaminated, and we need not to distribute it.

Did a round of patching throughout town today. Used more than 10 tons of patch. If we need to do more patching, more will have to be purchased.

Tree cutting? There are a lot of limbs and lots of brush that need to be cut. Vicky sees no problem spending the money that was dedicated for that this year. Duncan feels that trees that are not in the right of way should not be included.

Property owners are to be notified by letter. If they choose to have someone else do it, that is okay. If the property owner is willing, it might be used by people on fuel assistance (with the Town) through a charitable organization. Return postcard to Town (do or do not want the wood).

EMS Report

John Kinney needs a monthly spreadsheet of expenses.

EMS had a great meeting on Monday when a Lucas device was demonstrated. This is a “thumper” device that provides regular chest compressions. This piece of equipment would be extremely beneficial for the EMS to own.

The price for a Lucas device is approximately $16,000. EMS will reserve a table at the Fourth of July celebration and hope to have a demo device for the community to see.

Proctor Academy’s AP Civics class arrived to observe the Town Government process.

The Board voted to authorize expenditure of funds for 30 hours of administrative time for the administrative assistant. Chairperson Mishcon made a motion that funds to cover 30 hours of administrative time be taken from the Building Inspector line. Selectman Coolidge seconded the motion, and the vote was unanimous.

Old Business

The Town is trying to put a single-stream recycling project in place via a one-year pilot program. We will get a couple of containers with compactors and educate the residents about the new process.

There was a meeting on Friday morning with a local engineer, a container company representative, and Town personnel. A June start-up date is anticipated.

Code Enforcement

We have discovered issues with our building code and planning process. Selectman Coolidge gave a comprehensive review of the process.

Naughty Nellie’s

Michelle and Julie Rector came to address an issue regarding the sale of Naughty Nellie’s ice cream on the Fourth of July. Last year was a great success, so they were surprised by this year’s “prohibition.”

Michelle was invited to attend a Fourth of July Committee meeting where the Committee’s decision of no commercial food vendors on the village green was stated. Apparently, no reason was given, but it was implied they were lessening the opportunity for non-profit organizations to raise funds on the Fourth of July.

Naughty Nellie’s is the only Andover for-profit vendor, but there were three other for-profit vendors last year. Naughty Nellie’s is willing to let the issue go as they begin their business endeavors in Andover. They thanked the Board of Selectmen for taking the time to listen.

Chairman Mishcon stated that Naughty Nellie’s is a welcome and highly regarded part of the town of Andover. Selectman Coolidge stated although he disagrees with the decision, it does stand. He also stated that it may warrant investigating in the future. Could it be possible in the future for local vendors to be part of the Fourth of July as long as there is no duplication of services? Of course there would be the requirement that some type of contribution was to go back to the Committee.

Public Hearing: Extension of Trash Contract

Present: Chairperson Mishcon, Selectman Coolidge, Town Administrator Roy, Mark Stetson, and Andy Guptill.

Chairperson Mishcon opened the hearing regarding discussion of the extension of the Town’s solid waste contract with Wheelabrator. She summarized: the current contract expires in 2014 and this extension will be effective through 2022. Presentations have been made explaining the contract extension and its rates. There is protection via an escalation clause in the contract.

The ash dump will no longer be the responsibility of the coop towns, and they will be receiving credit or money back. Andover will receive $22,000 to be credited in 2015.

Wheelabrator’s willingness to pay for the ash being delivered to the ash dump is a benefit to the Towns.

Andy Guptill stated that he felt it is a “no brainer” decision to extend the contract.

Selectman Coolidge made a motion to extend the contract with Wheelabrator. Chairperson Mishcon seconded the motion, and the vote was unanimous.