East Andover Village Preschool

By Alicia Colby, EAVP
EAVP’s Harvest Fundraiser at Jake’s was a big success! They sold many delicious, homemade baked goods along with pumpkins, mums, and bales of hay. The picture includes Andy Guptill (father of student), Nicole Barton (aunt of student), Sarah Gilman (mother of students and Board Member), and EB Perry (mother of student and Board Member). Photo: Charlie Darling

October has been a busy month at the East Andover Village Preschool (EAVP). It seems like almost every week we’ve been out and about in the community.

EAVP families kicked off the month with the annual Harvest Fundraiser, a bake goods and pumpkin sale at Jake’s Market. Thank you to all of those who tasted some of the delicious goodies or purchased a pumpkin, as well as to all the parents who baked for and staffed the event. Your support means so much to the school.

We also would like to extend a big thank you to Peter Zak and Mary Lloyd-Evans from Highland Lake Apple Farm. After having to reschedule our trip a few times due to rain, both the Preschool I and Preschool II groups had a wonderful time.

One of our favorite parts was helping Mr. Zak make apple cider. The students were able to help add apples to the cider press and watch as the cider was being made. We also each got a taste of the freshly-made cider, and of course we all brought home a few delicious apples as well!

Because many of the preschool students have been very interested in building and construction, we spent two weeks using construction as the focal point. We explored the many aspects of construction through our everyday learning. Some of the favorite activities included painting like a bulldozer and building with blueprints. Students also shared everything they knew about building and what they would choose to build their houses with.

From construction we moved into fire safety. Thank you to Andy Guptil and Mark Perry for showing us the East Andover Fire Department and sharing with us all of your knowledge.

To end the month, students were welcomed to dress up in their Halloween costumes and parade to a couple of locations near the school to Trick or Treat.

In November, we will once again ask families to share their favorite stories with the preschool. Last year, we really enjoyed having family members join in our morning meeting and read to us. It’s always exciting to have a new face in the classroom! We are also beginning to plan our annual Grandparent Event. How exciting it will be to show all these special people around our classroom!