Thank You, Fourth of July Committee!

I want to publicly thank the Andover Fourth of July Committee for the really wonderful day they put together for all of us. It was one of several things that make me proud to be “from Andover.”

I work at the Town Office, and the day before the Fourth we had several calls from people from all over, asking about our Fourth of July schedule. They wanted to be at our Fourth of July!

Additionally, on a personal level, my son and his family plan their annual trip to New Hampshire from California in July, so that they can be at our Fourth of July celebration. Their four-year-old daughter Sierra, my grandchild, had a really glorious day on the Fourth! She did it all, and I was so proud of Andover for making that possible.

Thank you, Andover, and our hard-working Fourth of July Committee!

Lois Magenau