Lake Sunapee Region Chamber Grows 45%

New Web site, new member benefits serve area businesses well

Press release

The Lake Sunapee Region Chamber of Commerce (LSRCC) has been grown quickly over the past 18 months, increasing its member roster by over 45% while launching a new Web site and adding to its list of member benefits. Businesses in the Chamber’s area – from Andover to Newport, from Danbury to Bradford – are joining in its mission to “facilitate, encourage, and promote commerce which enhances the quality of life in our region.”

The Chamber is helping build a stronger regional economy through programs and events on three fronts:

  • Sparking interest in consumers in living or visiting the area

  • Connecting consumers with the local businesses that can serve them

  • Building an active, engaged community of local businesses

Connecting with Consumers

To attract visitors or potential new residents from around the world to our area, LSRCC maintains a rich new Web site at If visitors to the Web site have questions, there’s a toll-free Chamber number they can call. If they’re already in New London, they can stop at the Chamber’s information booth on Main Street opposite the New London Inn.

Connecting those visitors or potential new residents to member businesses starts with free business listings on the Web site and member’s brochures in the Information Booth. It continues in a big way with free business listings in the Lake Sunapee Region Information Guide, an annual Chamber publication. LSRCC prints 15,000 copies of the Guide and distributes them both throughout the region and throughout the state.

Building a Stronger Business Community

For many business owners, the real strength of the Chamber is its ability to connect them with hundreds of other like-minded area business owners. The Chamber stages many Business After Hours and Business Before Hours events throughout the year, specifically to give members a chance to know each other and each other’s businesses better.

Members can also access the Chamber’s member list to send their own e-mail communications to their fellow members, or submit their business news to be included in the Chamber’s monthly e-mail newsletter and on the Chamber’s Facebook page.

The Chamber also hosts three major events – ChocolateFest, the Black Fly Golf Open, and the Midway at New London’s Hospital Days – as well as many other partnership opportunities for members to proudly show their community spirit and associate their brand with some of the area’s most visible community entertainments.

Joining the Chamber

“A stronger, more vibrant regional business community starts with stronger, more connected individual businesses,” says Jen Tockman, Director of LSRCC. “Whether your business needs to connect to consumers, to other businesses, or both, joining the Chamber is the best first step you can take.”

There’s a simple name-and-address application at, and the annual membership fee ranges from $100 for non-profits, to $180 for businesses with fewer than three full-time employers, to $200 for businesses with up to 50 full-time employees.

Joining the Chamber comes with no particular responsibilities, “but you’ll get much, much more out of the Chamber if you participate,” reminds Jen. Whether it’s attending some of the many business-to-business events throughout the year; serving on a Chamber committee; or participating in one of the Chamber’s fundraisers, the contacts you make and the support you receive from your fellow members will give your business a valuable boost while you help the Chamber “facilitate, encourage, and promote commerce which enhances the quality of life in our region.”

For more information or to join the Lake Sunapee Region Chamber of Commerce, visit, or call 877-526-6575.