Mario Ratzki Reports from Concord: September 2013

Andover hosts NH DOT 10-year plan meeting

By Mario Ratzki, NH Representative

It has been a quiet few weeks in Concord. The commission to study Medicaid expansion has had several meetings, some public, and is nearing a decision. Plenty of rumors abound; one would have the State accept the expansion for a three-year trial, during which the Feds would pay for 100% of the program. The gaming commission is also working on its recommendations; again more news to come later.

At Public Works and Highways, my committee, we have been reviewing bills that were retained earlier in the year. I was appointed to two sub-committees to deal with two such bills; one, SB 29, would have the State set up a rental fee system for business signs on our highways; the other, HB 534, would establish a commission to study the sale of naming rights for certain structures in the State.

I also attended a meeting set up by Executive Councilor Ray Burton in Andover regarding the 10-year plan for our highways and bridges. This and the Capital Budget are the responsibilities of the Public Works and Highways committee to be taken up in 2014. I take this opportunity to thank the DOT for the work the department has been doing on our Andover bridge at one end of town and on the culverts at the other end.

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