Letter: Community’s Generosity Appreciated

An outpouring flows through AE/MS

By Jane Slayton and Gail Parenteau, AE/MS

Gail and I are in the unique position of being in the center of an amazing distribution process which is especially active during the holiday season. The outpouring of generosity and kindness that funnels through the AE/MS office is absolutely incredible.

Numerous local organizations, families, couples, and individuals contact our office to work through us to donate gifts, meals, gift cards, or monetary gifts to families in need. It is most often delivered anonymously. The donor only wants to see that a family who needs it receives it. Many of these donations are made year after year.

While this generous outpouring is especially abundant at Christmas, it fortunately occurs on a regular basis throughout the year. New backpacks are filled with school supplies, snack funds are established, and multi-course meals are also provided at Thanksgiving and Easter.

It is heartwarming to watch our community come together and take care of those going through a rough time. Gail and I receive such joy each December.

We are especially thankful during the holiday season for our kind and generous community. We truly care for and about one another. This doesn’t happen everywhere. We are lucky. Thank you, Andover.

Gail Parenteau and Jane Slayton, AE/MS