Mistake in February Issue

Steve McNeil, United States Marine Corps

I’d like to point out a sizable mistake made by the Andover Beacon in the February 2014 issue.

Instead of placing an article about an Andover athlete being nominated to an Olympic team on the front page of the issue, the Beacon staff inexplicably decided to relegate the article to page 34. While budget projections and semi-annual tax issues are a concern to all readers, I think we’d agree that a story about a local ski jumper being awarded the opportunity to compete in the Olympics is a much more captivating story line. This mistake hits close to home, since I grew up ski jumping in Andover. Not many communities have folks who can make this claim.

I feel that there are many things that make Andover unique that are simply not covered in The Andover Beacon. Over the course of my subscription, I have noticed that many issues of the Beacon are a boring re-hash of town meetings. Instead, the Beacon could consider offering interesting stories about members of the community or events taking place in and around Andover. There is simply too much going on in Andover to allow administrative headlines to crowd out a lot of the good events, stuff, and people of Andover.