Math Night At AE/MS A Big Hit!

Aidan Kellogg and Jack Newton team up on Math Night at AE/MS to beat the Dark Knight (Mr. Murphy). Riley Keezer is on the right. Photo: Gretchen Hildebrand










Amy and Paige Makechnie were dueling witches in an intense game of checkers. Photo: Gretchen Hildebrand











The superhero staff of AE/MS: Brenda Lance (The Denominator, “Not your garden variety superhero…she ‘gets to the bottom of things’); Laura Witt – Guess Girl #1; Jay Hubbard – Wonder-About-It Man; Kristy LaRoche – Super Questioner; Gretchen Hildebrand – Graph Girl; Jen Bent – Guess Girl #2; Jane Slayton – Principal of Pi; Sarah Edmonds – Guardian of Bake Sales; Ryan Murphy – Dark Knight of Chess; Heidi Unger – Tan Gram; Michelle Keezer – the MC. Photo: Gretchen Hildebrand







Josh Norris (Proctor faculty) helps Elliott Asbury. Photo: Gretchen Hildebrand