Letter: Recycling and Patriotism

By Ken Tripp

America can no longer afford to be complacent about conserving its wealth of resources. Competition for the world’s resources is increasing dramatically as “third world” countries march toward development.

Conservation of resources includes recycling our waste and creating products that can be exported. The more we export these goods, the better our economy. Recycling is a source of employment in an economy that is in dire need of job creation.

Recycling lowers pollution of our environment and lowers our costs for dealing with the consequences of pollution. Using organic “waste” as a source of energy or soil enrichment lowers our dependence on energy sources that are detrimental to the environment and keep us dependent on systems out of our control.

Recycling results in increased income for the Town, which lowers our local tax rate. The more we recycle in Andover, the better message we send to neighboring towns and the better example we set for future generations.