Cryans Endorsed by the Burtons

By Mary Anne Broshek

I like to check out Web sites and learn about opposing candidates. Going to, I learned that Joe Kenny has an A+ rating from the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance and an A from the NRA.

While some might find this the reason to vote for him, the connections of the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance to the Free Stater movement are disturbing to me. The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance is listed as one of the top 101 reasons for Free Staters to move to New Hampshire. See and for more information.

New Hampshire has won many top honors in livability, best place to raise a child, safety, education, and well-managed government. These honors are due to the hard work and decades of thoughtful decisions by Democrats and old-time Republicans. I believe that the replacement for Executive Councilor Ray Burton (a great old-time Republican) should be someone who shares his values, and that person is Mike Cryans (

According to the February 2 Union Leader, Mike Cryans has been endorsed by Ray Burton’s brother and two sisters as the best candidate and one who will take care of District 1 constituents. I think he has proved that by coming to Andover twice already to listen to what is important to Andover residents.

For most of the time that Ray Burton was an Executive Councilor, he was also the county commissioner for Grafton County. Mike Cryans was the deputy commissioner, working with Ray for more than 10 years. Executive Councilor is an important position. Please be sure to vote.