Mike Cryans Running for District 1

By Janet Moore

Grafton County Commissioner Mike Cryans is running for the District 1 seat on the New Hampshire Executive Council. Mike was born and raised in Littleton, right at the northern tip of Grafton County. After graduating from Springfield College in Massachusetts, he returned to teach at his hometown high school. He then turned to banking, beginning as an assistant loan officer and working his way up to the Senior Vice-President position of Dartmouth Banking Company, where he specialized in local business and home ownership financing.

Now residing in Hanover, Mike has been a Grafton County Commissioner for 18 years, most of those side-by-side with Ray Burton, whose untimely death has left an opening on the Governor’s Executive Council. Mike believes, just as Ray did, that he can represent the people of not only Grafton County but also District 1 on the Executive Council.

Together, Burton and Cryans delivered real solutions to Grafton County taxpayers, growing the economy with a new addition to the County nursing home, building a house of corrections, a new water tower, a new maintenance facility, and a biomass plant. Those projects involve construction jobs and ongoing maintenance jobs as well as staffing.

Ray and Mike found a great deal in common, despite their different political affiliations, so much so that the entire Burton family has come out to endorse Mike as their father’s successor on the Council.

Keep Mike in mind when, as a resident of the southernmost section of District 1, you decide on new representation.