Andover Election Moderators Thank Voters and Volunteers

By Stuart Green and Lee Wells

Another successful election is wrapped up! We are impressed again and again by our wonderful town.  We are so grateful to all who helped out and all who turned out to vote! We received help and support from JJ’s, the Hub, the police, the faculty, staff, and students of AE/MS, the Select Board, all of […]

The Terms “Pro-Life” and “Pro-Limited Government” Contradict Each Other

By Bill Bardsley

In my opinion, Representative Andrus displays the same blindness toward the abortion discussion as do some of her like-minded Republican associates.  Early in her big ad, published in the August Beacon, she states that she is pro-life and pro-limited government. Later on, she praises a definition of “Liberty”:  “The quality or state of being free.  […]

Candidate Supports Rights and Education; Pro-Life Equals All Life

By Lorna Carlisle

I’m Lorna Carlisle and I am running for State Representative in District 5 (Andover, Danbury, Hill, Salisbury and Webster).  I’m a Webster native and now a Salisbury resident for 18 years.  After retiring in 2021, I was able to devote myself full time to the farm stand we started in 2005.  I looked forward to […]

Mike Cryans Brings Many Qualities and Experience to Executive Council Post

By George Hathorn

I write, with enthusiasm, to support the candidacy of Mike Cryans, as he runs for the New Hampshire Executive Council, District 2, a post he has served before with great distinction. Mike’s qualities hardly need repeating.  He is known for his honesty, integrity, and effectiveness as a leader. Other laudable qualities include discipline, strength, commitment, […]

Supporter of Candidate Mike Cryans Makes Case for His Election

By Gerald Coogan

Mike Cryans seeks election to the Executive Council, District 2. Mike has the energy, enthusiasm, and dedication to effectively represent all people in the District.  Mike served with distinction when he was elected for a two-year term in 2018. Then, he personally visited all 108 municipalities in the District. The Executive Council acts as a […]

Natalie Wells Endorses Louise Andrus for Reelection

By Natalie Wells

I come to the citizens of Andover, Danbury, Salisbury, Webster, and Hill to endorse Representative Louise Andrus. I first met Louise at Old Home Days in Salisbury back in 2015. I just loved her high energy and passion in what she believed.  For years, as a citizen of Salisbury, Louise attended her local school board […]

Hub Thanks Everyone Who Supported Food and Fiddle Event

By Board of Directors

The Andover Community Hub’s “Food and Fiddle at the Barn” fundraising event in July succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.  In spite of it being a scorcher of a day, everybody had a great time, and we raised over $5,000 toward our future community kitchen.  We would like to publicly thank all those who supported us […]

Reader Feels Democrats are Focusing on Wrong Issues

By Gene Shaw

This letter is in response to a recent letter published in The Andover Beacon by Pecco Beaufays. In this letter, he states that he “feels sorry” for the Andover residents who still believe and support the lies of Donald Trump. I think, if you check the facts, you will find out that the Democrats are […]

Fire Chief Expresses Appreciation for Fourth of July Dedication

By Rene Lefebvre

The memory of this past Fourth of July celebration will stay with me for the rest of my life. It was an unexpected and amazing honor to be chosen for the dedication of the Fourth of July activities. I very much appreciate the kind words of my friends. My family and I are truly grateful. […]

Resident Urges Andoverites to Remove Flags and Posters Supporting Number 45

By Pecco Beaufays

While listening to the January 6th Committee’s investigations and testimonies from Trump’s attorney general, Trump’s White House lawyers, Trump’s election campaign chairman, and the prominent Republican election lawyer in the United States, we witness firsthand the persistent lies and deceitful behavior of our 45th president.  I began to feel sorry for fellow Andover residents who […]