Letter: Freer Than Thee

Eliminating building inspections is a Libertarian step

By Howard Wilson, Vice-Chair, LPNH

I read in the November Beacon that changes to Town building codes eliminated a cost item, namely building inspection. There are more Libertarian ways of doing things, such as doing away with zoning (Grafton never started), so Andover’s effort to terminate Town inspections is a step in the right/Libertarian direction. For Liberty, Howard L. Wilson […]

Letter: Beacon Helps Make Connections

Web site connects Blazing Star Grange to ASLPT

By Phyllis Rockwell, Blazing Star Grange #71, Danbury

Your wonderful paper has helped me out tremendously. I was cruising AndoverBeacon.com and came across the New Fields, Old Fields workshop sponsored by the Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust (ASLPT) on October 19. I spoke with Beth McGuinn at ASLPT and decided what one of the presentations for our Sustainability program at the Blazing Star […]

Letter: Spirit of Volunteerism

As a resident of Andover for most of my life, I have always known that the spirit of volunteerism is strong in our community. Since assuming the position of Town Administrator, I have come to realize the scope of that commitment. There are too many people and positions to list, so I would like to […]

Letter: Acts of Kindness

First, I want to thank all those of the community who provided assistance and acts of kindness following my recent adverse health episode – visitors at Franklin Regional Hospital, rides to and from Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital, casseroles, deserts, the singing card, visits from the AE/MS students, and many more acts of kindness, as I suddenly became […]

Theft on Severance Road

To the person who stole almost $30 in cash and siphoned a full tank of gas out of our car in our driveway at 24 Severance Road, I have a few things to say to you. I really hope you needed it more than we do. After just finishing cancer treatment, and after almost four […]

Thank You, Fourth of July Committee!

I want to publicly thank the Andover Fourth of July Committee for the really wonderful day they put together for all of us. It was one of several things that make me proud to be “from Andover.” I work at the Town Office, and the day before the Fourth we had several calls from people […]

What Concerns Should a Wind Turbine Proposal Address?

Send your concerns to the Beacon so we can compile a list.

Duncan Coolidge has written a letter to the Beacon about the possibility of a proposal for wind turbines on Ragged Mountain. (See his letter here.) If and when a wind turbine proposal arrives, what concerns will you want to be sure it addresses? Scenic values and a good financial deal for the Town are two […]

Letters: On Memorial Day, Remembering Those Who Served

By Kent Hackmann

On Memorial Day 2013, I remembered four men. One, a paternal uncle in Missouri, fought for the Union in the Civil War. The second, a maternal uncle from Massachusetts, was on the Western Front in World War I. The third is my late father-in-law. A USMA graduate, his active duty career included World War II […]

Letter: Thank you, Andover Beacon!

By Linda S. Barnes, Salisbury

I can’t even begin to imagine the challenges associated with trying to produce a monthly small-town newspaper. And then to do it in such a way that is consistently interesting, informative, and somehow unbiased. One hundred issues later, I still look forward to finding the Beacon in my mailbox. You guys are the best!  

Letter: Choose Franklin VNA and Hospice

By Jane White, Executive Director, Franklin VNA & Hospice

May 20, 2013 Dear Friends and Neighbors, Franklin VNA and Hospice has proudly been providing home care services to your community since 1945. Now entering the 68th year, we have reaffirmed our mission statement and will continue to offer you quality home care and hospice services. This is your community. This is your VNA. If […]