Mike Cryans Running for District 1

By Janet Moore

Grafton County Commissioner Mike Cryans is running for the District 1 seat on the New Hampshire Executive Council. Mike was born and raised in Littleton, right at the northern tip of Grafton County. After graduating from Springfield College in Massachusetts, he returned to teach at his hometown high school. He then turned to banking, beginning […]

Cryans Endorsed by the Burtons

By Mary Anne Broshek

I like to check out Web sites and learn about opposing candidates. Going to KenneyForNH.com, I learned that Joe Kenny has an A+ rating from the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance and an A from the NRA. While some might find this the reason to vote for him, the connections of the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance […]

Vote No on Zoning Amendments

Wood Sutton

Vote No on amendments to the building and zoning ordinances if you care about: The structural and fire safety of your home The value of your home What could be built next door Avoiding problems with insurance and financing The look of your neighborhood The way Andover is developed

Mistake in February Issue

Steve McNeil, United States Marine Corps

I’d like to point out a sizable mistake made by the Andover Beacon in the February 2014 issue. Instead of placing an article about an Andover athlete being nominated to an Olympic team on the front page of the issue, the Beacon staff inexplicably decided to relegate the article to page 34. While budget projections […]

In Support of Sophie Viandier

By Mary and Ed Hiller

To the voters of Andover: Do we want to get our youth involved in local issues? Do we hope that the future will be better than the past? If your answer to these questions is “Yes,” we hope you will write-in a vote for Sophie Viandier for Selectman on March 11. Sophie has grown up in […]

Letter: Community’s Generosity Appreciated

An outpouring flows through AE/MS

By Jane Slayton and Gail Parenteau, AE/MS

Gail and I are in the unique position of being in the center of an amazing distribution process which is especially active during the holiday season. The outpouring of generosity and kindness that funnels through the AE/MS office is absolutely incredible. Numerous local organizations, families, couples, and individuals contact our office to work through us […]

Letter: Please Take an Energy Survey

The Kearsarge Valley Transition Initiative (KVTI) is an emerging local network of individuals, families, businesses, and organizations committed to improving the well-being and resilience of our neighborhoods and communities. Drawing upon the ideas, skills, and experiences of our members, we work at developing positive, localized solutions that address the regional impacts of larger global issues […]

Letter: Friends of La Meridiana

To the friends and patrons of La Meridiana Restaurant in Wilmot Flat: Like everything and everyone, circumstances change. After 27 wonderful years of business and service, La Meridiana Restaurant is open, but for sale. I started in the restaurant business in Italy in 1961, and it’s time for me to enter a new phase in […]

Letter: Thank You

By Howard Wilson, Vice-Chair, LPNH

I would like to thank the individuals or organization, for the delivery of foods and good counterfeit (as violates the US Constitution, Article 1, section 8). Your delivery was not noted until after you (whoever) had left all that food and the delivery note on my porch. If a church plate was passed, I thank you. I will note […]

Letter: Freer Than Thee

Eliminating building inspections is a Libertarian step

By Howard Wilson, Vice-Chair, LPNH

I read in the November Beacon that changes to Town building codes eliminated a cost item, namely building inspection. There are more Libertarian ways of doing things, such as doing away with zoning (Grafton never started), so Andover’s effort to terminate Town inspections is a step in the right/Libertarian direction. For Liberty, Howard L. Wilson […]